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Manchester is undoubtedly the capital of the North and the centrepiece of the government's Northern Powerhouse vision. It is an exciting and diverse city that continues to grow with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. There are many reasons which make Manchester an outstanding place to live, work and study, meaning that demand for housing is soaring at an all-time high. Therefore, it shouldn't be a revelation that Manchester is one of the best cities for investing.

Manchester boasts an extensive and incomparable history, and the city has established itself as a world-class international hub. It is home to countless leading businesses, universities and colleges, sporting institutions, and tourist attractions. With one of the world's busiest airports and a host of other excellent transport links, Manchester serves to connect people all around the world. Manchester is hugely popular among young professionals, helped by wealthy companies choosing to relocate the city, and it has the second-highest population in the UK - just behind London.

It's fair to say that Manchester has enjoyed an abundance of investments and regeneration within the past decade. Billions of pounds have helped transform the entire city, from the monumental MediaCityUK complex to the innovative NOMA mixed-use development scheme. The city's population has grown by a remarkable 282,086 in 30 years, demonstrating just how important it has been for new residential properties to arrive on the market. House prices continue to rise year on year, with the latest figures suggesting a 6.5 increase.

To help steer you towards the perfect property investment in Manchester, we've created this in-depth guide. We will look at the best areas of Manchester for investing in property and explain how the city has emerged as a prime location for new housing developments. We will also present a few of our current investment properties in Manchester that offer high yields, long-term rental demand and plenty of room for capital growth. Our property specialists will be updating this guide frequently with valuable additional information and advice, so be sure to keep checking back!


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Location Highlights

An Area Breakdown of Manchester

Manchester is a vast and sprawling city with several outstanding areas for modern and high-quality living standards. It is one of the largest cities in the UK and offers everything you need to live the perfect lifestyle packed with fulfilling leisure moments and professional growth. Whether you are considering living in the city or are looking for the ideal property investment in Manchester, the options available to you are endless.

It's essential that property investors research Manchester's diverse areas to ensure they reach a decision that is right for them. The city has several exceptional locations for high returns, soaring demands and capital growth, but there are particular distinctions that investors should recognise. To help you discover the ideal location, this section will break down a selection of the best areas and postcodes within Manchester.



Salford has seen considerable regeneration within the past decade, perhaps even more than anywhere else in the city. The area is home to the incredible Salford Quays district, which has been transformed into a world-class destination. It also incorporates the MediaCityUK complex, which has welcomed a range of commercial and residential tenants, including the BBC and ITV. Salford is just a mere mile away from the city centre, and with premium apartments, waterfront scenery and stunning views, it truly is an enchanting place to live. It's no surprise that investors are flocking to this hugely attractive neighbourhood. The house prices here are relatively low at an average of £130,000, but with high rental costs, investors can benefit from solid returns of around 10%.

Manchester City Centre

City centres are usually the pinnacle of any major town and the prime hotspot for investment. While Manchester benefits from several areas of outstanding quality and attraction, the city centre has everything that a person could possibly need. Smack bang in the heart of the city, there are superb transport connections that serve the surrounding Greater Manchester region and the entire United Kingdom. The growing Piccadilly hub of Manchester is also based in the city centre, and with the upcoming HS2 railway line, there will soon be faster ways to travel than ever before. The city centre has seen several large-scale regeneration schemes such as NOMA and Spinningfields, both of which we will detail further on in this Manchester investment guide. Manchester is an ideal place to live for both professionals and students, and there remains a huge demand for property. Apartments are cheaper than other cities in the country, such as London, yet returns are significantly higher than the UK average. The unique Regent Plaza and Fifity5ive property developments can be found on the outskirts of the city centre.


Old Trafford

Old Trafford is a historical and authentic part of Manchester and can be found opposite the Salford Quays district. Trafford is the home of Manchester United, one of the world's most well-known and successful football institutions. Millions of tourists and supporters visit the area every year to tour the UK's third-largest stadium and watch live matches alongside 75,000 people. Trafford is very much a residential area, but it is desirable to new business tenants. The Trafford Centre provides jobs for thousands of employees and attracts shoppers throughout the country. It is the UK's largest retail park and sees over 30 million visitors a year! There are plans to regenerate the area further, helping to deliver new housing, leisure, retail, and education facilities. Our stunning Wardour Point development is nestled between Old Trafford and the city centre, with Salford around the corner.


The trendy and bustling suburb of Fallowfield is popular among students. Fallowfield offers a lively social scene with bars, cafes and shops all nearby. The area offers a peaceful retreat away from city life while providing frequent transport services to the city centre. Fallowfield has shown time and time again that it is effective at attracting large numbers of students who are seeking a place to live during their studies. This area boasts a thriving rental market that is ideally tailored towards a student community. Property prices are usually around the £200,000s, and investors can receive 8-10% rental returns on average.

Manchester Property Developments

Manchester's Regeneration Highlights

Manchester is no stranger to world-leading regeneration schemes. The city has witnessed astonishing amounts of regeneration in the 21st century. Billions of pounds have been invested into transforming the city with a range of exciting and valuable developments that have led to significant growth and boosted the UK's economy. Ongoing initiatives such as the Northern Powerhouse also continue to help fuel further developments. In terms of property investment in Manchester, regeneration has positioned the city as an enticing proposition for investors.

As a property investor, it's important to be aware and fully up to date on a city's regeneration pipeline. The potential growth of a city indicates whether you are likely to benefit from high demand and high yields. This section will talk about some of Manchester's past regeneration projects and upcoming developments that are currently in the works.


Why Does Manchester Have a Young Population?

Manchester has one of the youngest populations of any city in the UK, as revealed by official data. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in 2020, Manchester boasts the country’s youngest demographic with a median age of 30.1 compared to the national average of 40.3. But why do so many young people choose to live in Manchester?

First and foremost, Manchester has a high student population. The city has some of the best universities globally, including the University of Manchester and the Manchester Metropolitan University. Other universities in the surrounding areas include the University of Salford, University of Bolton and University Academy 92. With more than 100,000 students from across the world, there is never a shortage of young people flocking to the city to further their education. As for the quality of living, Manchester is hugely attractive and accommodating to students. There’s an abundance of lively entertainment, outstanding restaurants, fascinating culture, and world-class shopping. Investors will benefit from the high demand for affordable yet luxury student property in Manchester.

Secondly, Manchester is also an attractive destination for young professionals, particularly students who want to remain in the city after graduating. Manchester offers a superb choice of careers with several of the world’s biggest businesses and start-ups based here. In recent years, companies have relocated their base of operations from southern cities to Manchester, and young professionals are expected to follow them. Manchester is affordable and provides the perfect balance between working, playing and relaxing. It is an ever-growing city that has never looked more captivating for young professionals.

For investors interested in property investments in Manchester, the city’s young population is highly appealing. Young people are more likely to rent a house instead of buying, positioning Manchester as an excellent location to let property. Manchester’s young population continues to rise, as does demand for rental property, so get in touch with us today to grow your investment portfolio.

Manchester Property Prices: Growth & Forecast

The overall outlook across the United Kingdom's property market continues to look positive following the pandemic, with consistent signs of a growing resurgence. The North West itself is one of the best-performing regions reaping the most significant benefits of the market's bounce back, and Manchester is at the heart of the economy's recovery. This section will take a closer look at how Manchester's property prices continue to grow and what experts forecast will happen in the next few years.

Manchester has enjoyed some of the most extensive property market growth within the last few decades, which doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon. In just the last five years alone, Manchester saw an increase of more than 35% in property prices. It also currently boasts the largest 20-year growth rate, beating that of any other major city in the country. Manchester is, undoubtedly, one of the best property destinations in the country, offering affordable accommodation for students and professionals. Despite increasing property prices, it is far cheaper living here than down south. With a growing population, demand for property and additional opportunities, investors benefit from high rental returns and unique chances to grow their capital.

According to Rightmove, the current average price of a house in Manchester stands at around £248,847. This figure is an increase of 8% on the previous year and an increase of 21% on 2019's peak. Recent statistics released by the HM Land Registry suggest that the UK's average price is £288,130, with the North West being much cheaper than the South and the Midlands.

House prices are soaring at a breathtaking pace, presenting an incredible opportunity for property investors seeking long-term investments that guarantee consistent rental demand and attractive capital growth. Manchester's property prices will continue to grow alongside the city's requirement for luxury property. The JLL property consultancy firm forecasts that prices will rise 4.5% in 2023, 4% in 2025 and 5% in 2026. Based on the current growth rate, as mentioned in a report from Share to Buy, the average price to buy a house in Manchester could cost as much as £629,000 by 2031.

With ongoing property price growth and a promising forecast, Manchester is easily one of the best locations for investing in property. Start your journey towards high rental returns by investing with TK Property Group today.

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