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Liverpool is a popular location in the North of England, providing the perfect environment for young professionals to work, students to study, and tourists to explore. It is a vibrant and friendly city that welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds. There are several reasons why people choose to relocate to Liverpool, and with consistent regeneration, this city remains an excellent hotspot for high-yield property investments.

This city is no stranger when it comes to history. Liverpool boasts a rich history, none perhaps more significant than its role as a critical port city. The city's fame rose greater than ever during the 1960s when a local band called The Beatles became one of the world's biggest musical acts. Today, Liverpool is a prime location for tourists. Millions of people flock to the city yearly to enjoy its unparalleled leisure, shopping, music, sports and entertainment opportunities.

Liverpool is home to multiple world-class universities and offers exciting nightlife. Some of the biggest businesses are based here, providing residents with an outstanding range of career prospects. It is one of the United Kingdom's largest cities, and with a growing population, demand for rental property continues to rise. The city is well-connected with excellent transport connections via road, rail, sea and air, and it is just a short drive from Manchester. Liverpool has benefited from massive regeneration projects within the last few decades, and more re-development is underway to transform the city further.

Our property investment specialists are dedicated to helping investors on their way to the perfect investment journey, which is why we have produced this guide. This in-depth guide on property investments in Liverpool will look at everything from why you should invest in Liverpool to the city's housing price forecast. We will also look at Liverpool's best areas for property, ongoing regeneration projects, our current opportunities, and much more. We will update this guide regularly with further helpful information, so please keep checking back.


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Location Highlights

An Area Breakdown of Liverpool

Liverpool is a diverse city with several brilliant areas suitable for modern and luxury living. Whether living in North Liverpool, South Liverpool or the city centre, residents will have easy access to everything they could need in their life. The city is primed to accommodate people of all desires, including students seeking a lively lifestyle and young professionals who want a quiet place to live when not working. If you wish to invest in central property or a house on the city's edge, endless opportunities are open to you.

Before deciding on your Liverpool property investment, we recommend you research the city's vast areas. Liverpool's various locations guarantee exceptional capital growth and ever-increasing demand for rental property. In this section, we will help you discover the perfect investment by looking at some of Liverpool's best areas to live.


City Centre

The city centre is, undoubtedly, one of the best places to live in Liverpool. Property is highly affordable here, with the average house price around £170,720, up 4% since 2019. The Georgian Quarter is perhaps the city's most affluent and stunning area, boasting striking architecture. Several of Liverpool's largest developments will bring more luxury apartments to the city centre. Liverpool city centre has everything you could want to enjoy the perfect lifestyle with key amenities and a bustling atmosphere within walking reach, making it the ideal spot for students and young professionals. Residents can enjoy world-class shopping, outstanding restaurants serving international cuisine, and exciting entertainment. Many of our Liverpool developments are based in Vauxhall, including Central East and 56 Westminster Park. These developments are nicely situated to offer quiet living close to a lively city centre.

Baltic Triangle

The Baltic Triangle is a thriving area that has undergone significant transformation within the last ten years. What was once a rundown part of Liverpool has now been dubbed one of the 'coolest places to live in the UK', according to The Times newspaper. The Baltic Triangle is a trendy destination that embraces art, creativity and heritage. This Liverpool area is home to everything from digital businesses to independent food traders, live music venues and eye-catching street art. With so much to see and do, it's no wonder to see why people are choosing to live in this up-and-coming location. The Baltic Triangle has already welcomed several regeneration projects, and many more are on the way, including a host of modern properties.


North Liverpool

North Liverpool is a large part of the city that comprises excellent neighbourhoods like Anfield, Walton, Everton, Fazakerley, Aintree, West Derby, Bootle, and much more. The north of the town is very much the heartbeat of Liverpool, where community spirit is at the forefront. North Liverpool is one of the most affordable areas in the city to buy a property and for living. Average house prices are as low as £108,708 in places like Anfield, a 22% increase since 2019, and as high as £201,386 in areas such as West Derby. Anfield Stadium and Goodison Park are located here, attracting thousands of visitors each week. There is also a range of excellent green spaces, including Stanley Park, Everton Park and Croxteth Country Park. North Liverpool has a perfect mix of terraced houses, detached houses and apartments.

South Liverpool

South Liverpool is a more lavish part of Liverpool with some of the city's most expensive streets. Still, it remains an affordable place to live and is particularly popular among students and young professionals. This part of Liverpool includes sites like Wavertree, Childwall, Allerton, Mossley Hill, Aigburth, and Speke. The average house price in Speke is around £125,209, whereas Allerton is one of the most expensive areas at £322,325, an increase of 3% since 2019. South Liverpool has everything from beautiful green spaces at Sefton Park and Calderstones Park to busy high streets and excellent leisure facilities. Lark Lane is a lively destination for gorgeous food and an unmissable nightlife scene. South Liverpool combines the best of quiet living with buoyant fun.

Liverpool Property Developments

Liverpool's Regeneration Highlights

Regeneration schemes have transformed Liverpool into the thriving and modern city it is today. After a decline in the 1980s, Liverpool is now one of the United Kingdom's finest cities, contributing significantly to the country's economy. Liverpool is completely unrecognisable from what it was 20 years ago. The city was awarded the European Capital of Culture title for 2008, providing funding for projects like Liverpool ONE. Further schemes are in the works to elevate Liverpool's position as a world-class destination to live, work and visit.

Before you invest in Liverpool property, learning more about the city's regeneration pipeline can be helpful. Regeneration projects have a significant role in a city's growth, determining the demand for property and your expected rental returns. This section will detail some of Liverpool's past and upcoming developments.


Why Does Liverpool Have a Young Population?

Liverpool is a highly attractive city for young people, especially students seeking to further their education. There are four world-class universities in Liverpool, including the University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool Hope University and the Liverpool Insitute for Performing Arts. With so much variety on offer, students have endless options in picking a course that most interest them. It's understood that around 70,000 students currently study in Liverpool, including thousands of international students. Therefore, Liverpool is highly regarded as one of the best university cities in the UK.

It's fair to say that Liverpool combines the best of what makes the ideal student life, from world-leading education to lively nightlife and outstanding career prospects. One of the best benefits of Liverpool is that it is an affordable city. Rent can average between £80-£120 per week, and the cost of living is considerably lower than that of other cities, making it a perfect decision for students on a budget. The city has a well-known reputation for offering one of the best night scenes in the world, but it also has serene parks and plenty of magnificent art and culture.

Liverpool is a friendly and welcoming city, and many students decide to live here after they've graduated. Young professionals have plenty of options to pursue a career they've always wanted. The city is world-leading in every type of sector, from digital and creative to manufacturing, science, healthcare, construction, and so forth. There is no better place to live, whether a student or a graduate.

Liverpool's young population is a fantastic advantage for property investors. Students and young professionals are more likely to rent property than buy, making Liverpool a prime location for buy-to-let property. Student cities such as Liverpool guarantee a consistent turnover of new tenants yearly. With a growing demand for rental property, this is the perfect city to invest in property.

Liverpool Property Prices: Growth & Forecast

The property market in the United Kingdom continues to surge following the coronavirus pandemic, representing a bounce-back that is significantly positive for property investors. The North West is enjoying some of the country's biggest benefits, and Liverpool is at the heart of the housing recovery. In this section of our Liverpool property investments guide, we will look at how the city's property prices have risen in recent months and what experts predict will happen next.

With a growing population and incredible regeneration, Liverpool's property market has enjoyed several positive increases in the 2000s. Between 2010 and 2021, house prices increased by a whopping 45.7%. A research report released by Zoopla in February 2022 shows that Liverpool is leading the price growth among the country's largest cities with a 10.3% increase on the year and a 32% increase over the last five years. According to Rightmove, as of June 2022, the average house price stands at around £202,079, up 5% since 2019. Semi-detached houses are the most expensive, with flats costing an average of £140,349.

While the recent movements have been positive, property specialists expect it will only improve for Liverpool moving forward. JLL forecasts that rental prices will jump 3% during 2022 and an average of 2.6% for the next four years. Liverpool's emergency as a property investment hotspot can be attributed to several reasons, including affordable living, demand for property and a young population.

Liverpool is one of the best places to invest in property, and the city's price growth and forecast are evidence of that. So why not start your investment journey with us? Speak to an investment consultant at TK Property Group, and we will help you on the way to capital growth with high-yield investment opportunities.


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