Undisputed capital of the Northern Powerhouse

Average Yields: 6% | Region Population: 2.8m

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Coastal city undergoing economic renaissance

Average Yields: 7% | Region Population: 893,000

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Forward thinking city with economic prosperity

Average Yields: 6% | Region Population: 780,000

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Britain’s second city with growing rental demand

Average Yields: 6% | Region Population: 1.1m

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Property investment hotspot in the East Midlands

Average Yields: 5.6% | Region Population: 328,000

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Rapidly growing post-industrial city with big aspirations

Average Yields: 6% | Region Population: 700,000

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Why Invest?

With the prospect of additional incomes and the added security of a managed investment, more and more investors are wisely opting to making lucrative investments in a range of different property developments across the UK. With high rental yields on offer and the help of a professional, certified team, the investment process is stress- and hassle-free and offers investors long term security.

Why Residential?

Residential real estate has been bought for pure self-occupation, investment or both, but investing in residential property can give benefits to a person in multiple ways. These include rental income, capital appreciation, and tax benefits. Speak to one of our investment consultants today if you are looking to invest into the UK residential market.


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