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Once known as the first manufacturing town of the world, Birmingham has a history steeped in industrial heritage. Now, in 2019, the city continues to attract global attention, with a flourishing economy built on the service industry. This is attracting and retaining plenty of young talent to the city, while fuelling the demand for buy to let property in Birmingham.

Multinational businesses such as Deutsche Bank, HSBC and PWC are among a number of big companies to have relocated offices to the city. The metropolitan, upbeat vibe and
the promise of opportunity has also drawn over 3,000 tech firms; making Birmingham the largest ‘start-up’ centre outside of London.

Birmingham is also home to five universities and a number of highly regarded Business and Law schools, giving Birmingham one of the UK’s largest student populations. Many of whom choose to stay in the city beyond graduation. A strong rental market fuelled by a young population, business growth in the city, and high demand for rental properties, has led to Birmingham becoming a desirable location for buy to let investment opportunities.

With property prices expected to rise by 14% over the next 2 years and considerably lower-than-average house prices compared to the UK, investors have the potential to make great capital gains on their initial investment and achieve a strong return in the following years.

Key Stats

Why Choose Buy to Let Property in Birmingham


4,057 additional dwellings are required every year until 2026 in order to meet projected demand.

Population Growth

Population of 1.1 million people.

Rental Market

16.5% increase in rental prices forecast between 2018 and 2022.

Highest Rental Yields

Largest economy outside of London at 25.3 billion and is growing at a rapid pace.

House Prices

20.5% increase in house prices forecast between 2018 and 2022.

Airport Access

HS2 will mean it will only take 38 minutes to get into London.


Birmingham is the most populous city in the UK after London and its continuing growth and development is nothing short of predominant when considering the progressive impact it has on the British economy. Highly regarded as state education pioneers in the late 19th century, the city has focused on making a positive contribution to society through its people. Now, in the 21st century with a growing population of over 1,000,000, Birmingham has rapidly become a central hub of industry, education and economic prosperity.

Birmingham is a well-known city around the globe for a multitude of reasons; including being the home to the world’s most famous chocolatier – Cadburys – since the early 19th century and boasting Europe’s largest motorway junction making travel in, around and out of the city greatly efficient. Firsts for the city of Birmingham include introducing the world’s first exhibition hall in 1850 and Europe’s largest public library, alongside housing the production of the world’s first Mini Cooper and the invention of cotton wool, pneumatic tyres and the inaugural Spinning Jenney.


A Populous City With Exponential Potential

  • 1.

    HSBC, Deutsche Bank and PWC are all relocating their headquarters to the city.

  • 2.

    Birmingham is home to HS2 HQ and this will bring in 1500 new jobs and provide a huge boost to the already booming economy.

  • 3.

    2022 will see Birmingham host the Commonwealth Games, cementing its Global appeal.

  • 4.

    8 universities and world-class research institutions produce 52,000 graduates annually with a 49% graduate retention rate meaning almost 1 in 2 students stay and work in Birmingham.

  • 5.

    Birmingham has been confirmed as Europes youngest City. A whopping 45.7% of its population is under 30!

City Location

A central location at the heart of the UK has been a key factor in Birmingham’s success and appeal for investment and development. Located in between some of the UK’s biggest cities such as Manchester and London means Birmingham has a wealth of excellent transport links both nationally and internationally.

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