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Liverpool is one of the North's most popular destinations for studying, exploring and having a fun day out. When it comes to buy to let property in Liverpool, you will have endless amounts of options to choose from. At TK Property, we offer an abundance of buy to let investment opportunities in Liverpool.

With the highest rental yields in the country and one of the largest student populations, it’s easy to see why Liverpool is a highly sought-after location in the UK for buy to let property. The city has seen a massive overhaul in recent years – something that stands to continue with £14bn worth of regeneration projects on-site or in the pipeline at present.

Liverpool City Region continues to change and attract investment. Over the last decade alone, the City has attracted over £5 billion of physical investment. The scale and quality of the city’s transformation have been of international significance. There are no plans to stop and exciting opportunities have been identified to sustain the momentum. Over the next decade, Liverpool will deliver some of the UK’s largest and most ambitious development and infrastructure schemes. Liverpool2 deep water port terminal (phase 2), Liverpool Waters, Wirral Waters, New Royal Liverpool University Hospital and Health Campus, and the transformation of North Liverpool – Ten Streets, these projects and other planned developments have a development value in excess of £15 billion, presenting massive opportunities for investment.

Liverpool is well known as the place where smart, creative and friendly people come together. It’s one of Europe’s most welcoming and friendly locations. Famous for its music, fashion and culture; its actors, comedians, producers and writers; its songs, films and sports. Liverpool is also home to the fastest supercomputers; the top-ranked university computer science department and world-class facilities for the research and development of immersive technologies; artificial intelligence and industrial digitisation.

Key Stats

Why Choose Buy to Let Property in Liverpool


£6 billions regeneration plans of the Knowledge Quarter and Liverpool Waters.

Population Growth

Population stands at 893,000 in 2019 and continues to grow at an exponential rate.

Rental Market

There are over 70,000 students in Liverpool & the number continues to grow.

Highest Rental Yields

Some of highest yields available, with 2/3 top postcodes in the country being in the city.

House Prices

Property prices grew last year by 7.5%, the highest in the UK. (Source: YourMoney)

Airport Access

Easy access to Liverpool John Lennon Airport with efficient public transport options.


Liverpool found its fame in the early 18th century when the world’s first commercial wet dock was constructed. Not only is Liverpool famed for its huge contribution to the abolitionist movement, in addition to being the port of registry of the Titanic, it’s predominantly known for maritime trade across the globe. By the late 19th century, Albert Dock was one of the most advanced docks anywhere in the world and as a result, Liverpool’s waterfront is now a designated World Heritage Site.

19th century engineering in Liverpool had a significant impact on the expansion of the city’s population, thanks to the introduction of the world’s first passenger and overhead railways. Now, with a consistently increasing population of over 893,000, Liverpool continues to show signs of exponential promise and growth. Liverpool has many impressive statistics to its name, and boasts more museums, Grade II listed buildings and galleries than anywhere outside London.


An Expanding City With Exciting Prospects

  • 1.

    A regeneration plan of the Knowledge Quarter has been put into place by Liverpool City Council and will see a significant investment of £1 billion.

  • 2.

    Liverpool recorded the second highest rate of growth experiences in the UK over the last year, second only to Manchester. Over this twelve-month period, Liverpool grew at 8% per annum, a percentage way above the national average.

  • 3.

    Liverpool is at the centre of the UK’s second largest regional economy with immediate access to seven million customers, an economy worth than £121 billion and over 252,000 businesses.

  • 4.

    The region is undergoing billions of pounds in regeneration to the city’s infrastructure, transport links and buildings. This project will provide at least 17,000 jobs which in turn will not only boost the economy but ensure that Liverpool continues to grow and develop as a city of culture and commerce.

  • 5.

    With a consistently growing population which has seen over 50% growth over the last decade, Liverpool continues to show promise and offers long-term benefits to millennials. With young people attracted to the city’s four universities, alongside Liverpool’s famous culture, amenities and easy access transport solutions, students and graduates alike are significantly increasing rental demands across Liverpool.

  • 6.

    A regeneration plan of Liverpool Waters has been submitted by Peel Holdings and will incur a huge investment of £6 billion.

City Location

Liverpool can confidently claim to be one of the UK’s best-connected cities, with excellent transport links via land, air and sea. Its outstanding connectivity, both domestic and international, plays a key role in bringing more and more people into the city each year.

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