Manchester is home to some of the UK’s most prestigious educational institutions, including the University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, and the Royal Northern College of Music. These institutions significantly influence the local property markets, particularly the buy-to-let sector. Here’s an exploration of how Manchester’s educational institutions impact property values and rental demand, with insights from TK Property Group.


Boosting Rental Demand

The large student population in Manchester drives substantial demand for rental properties. Students typically seek accommodation near their universities, making areas around these institutions highly sought after. This consistent demand ensures high occupancy rates and stable rental income for buy-to-let investors.

Manchester’s reputation as a global educational hub attracts a significant number of international students. These students often prefer private rentals over university accommodation, increasing the demand for high-quality, fully furnished properties. Catering to this demographic can yield higher rental returns due to the premium rents often associated with international tenants.


Key Areas Influenced by Educational Institutions

  • Oxford Road Corridor

The Oxford Road Corridor, home to the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University, is a prime area for buy-to-let investments. The proximity to these institutions makes it a hotspot for student accommodation.

Properties in this area typically offer strong rental yields due to the high demand from students and university staff. The market here includes purpose-built student accommodation, shared houses, and apartments, catering to various budgets and preferences.

  • Fallowfield

Fallowfield is another popular area among students, known for its vibrant community and affordable housing options. It’s well-connected to the city centre and universities, making it an ideal location for student rentals.

With numerous student halls and private rentals, Fallowfield remains one of the most in-demand areas for student accommodation. Buy-to-let properties in Fallowfield often see high occupancy rates and steady rental income, making it a reliable investment choice.

  • Hulme

Hulme’s proximity to Manchester Metropolitan University and the city centre makes it an attractive area for both students and young professionals. The ongoing regeneration projects in Hulme also contribute to its appeal. Recent developments in Hulme include modern apartments and townhouses, appealing to students looking for contemporary living spaces. The area offers various amenities, including parks, shops, and cultural venues, enhancing its attractiveness for renters.


Long-Term Property Value Appreciation

The continuous influx of students and academic professionals ensures sustained demand for quality housing. This ongoing demand supports long-term property value appreciation, providing capital growth for investors.

Areas near educational institutions often benefit from regeneration projects funded by the universities and local government. These projects enhance infrastructure, public spaces, and amenities, further boosting property values and rental demand.


Diversifying the Tenant Base

Beyond students, the presence of educational institutions attracts young professionals, researchers, and university staff who prefer living near their workplaces. This diversifies the tenant base and provides a more stable rental income, reducing the risk associated with solely student tenancies.

The academic calendar creates opportunities for short-term rentals during the summer months when students vacate their properties. This can include renting to tourists or conference attendees, providing an additional revenue stream for buy-to-let investors.