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Introducing the next project in a long list of successful ventures by an award-winning developer. Welcome to X1 Cheltenham Place in Manchester, a collection of new luxury studio apartments perfect for professionals, graduates and students. X1 Cheltenham Place will provide 353 luxury studio apartments right in the heart of the action. With a range of on-site facilities and excellent transport links, this development offers the perfect solution for modern living.

This development builds on a commitment to professionals, creating a space for both those who are learning and those now earning. X1 Cheltenham Place will be the perfect place to transition from education to the workplace without having to move home.

X1 Cheltenham Place is eagerly awaited by investors and residents alike, bringing hundreds of luxury studio apartments to thriving Manchester.

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Key Details

Starting From:

Sold Out

Rental Yield:

7% NET

3 minute walk to Frederick Road Campus

Under 7 minute walk to Salford University

Over 25,000 students each year 7 min walk away!

Due for completion by Q4 2024

100% occupancy enjoyed in X1's previous student site

Watch a CGI Video Tour of X1 Cheltenham Place

We believe X1 Cheltenham Place will set a whole new standard in luxury apartments, but instead of talking about the development, why don't we show you? This CGI video from the developer provides an excellent tour of the property's best features.

The Apartments

Studio Apartments

From £124,995
Up to 329 sq. ft.

The studio apartments at Manchester's X1 Cheltenham Place offer a great place for young professionals, students and graduates to live, work and play. With its friendly atmosphere, it’s ideal to live in if you’re looking to enjoy the city life but also have time for your studies or work. Among the main benefits of living here is that you’re always close to home, work or studies.

connectivity and transportation

Connectivity & Transport

X1 Cheltenham Place provides the perfect base to explore Manchester, the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Everything tenants need to thrive in the city is just minutes away.

  • The University of Salford - 0-3 mins walk
  • Salford Crescent Station - 12 mins walk
  • Manchester City Centre - 30 mins walk
  • Victoria Station - 7 mins via train
  • Piccadilly Station - 9 mins via train
  • The Trafford Centre - 12 mins via car
  • Manchester Airport - 18 mins via car
  • Liverpool - 40 mins via car
employment and education

Employment & Education

Over 25,000 students are in under 7 minutes walk to X1 Cheltenham Place. X1's Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) is not far away and enjoys 100% occupancy rates!

A Savills report highlights the under-supply investors can hone in on for key cities, stating, "There are significant supply shortages in some markets. A range of cities have had well-publicised struggles finding spaces for their students. Markets such as Bristol, Durham and Manchester have had to house students in other nearby cities, or have offered money to students to defer entry or live at home. These measures all negatively impact the quality of the student experience and highlight the pressing need to increase the provision of PBSA." More details about their report on PBSA's can be found here:

Manchester has one of the largest student populations in Europe, with 70% of students retained post-graduation in the city, adding to the ever-growing demand for high-quality rental accommodation.

  • Manchester has one of the largest student populations in Europe
  • 70% of students are retained and stay in Manchester – the highest UK rate surpassing London for the first time
  • Worldwide renowned universities
  • Two of the five largest universities in the UK are in Manchester
  • Huge under-supply of accommodation, especially as HMO numbers continue to decline


  • Fully featured residents' on-site gym
  • Reception
  • Laundry facilities
  • Bike storage and repair areas
  • Open-air roof top garden with stunning views
  • Communal area
  • 7pm to 7am on-site security

About the Developer

Investors can rest assured that an award-winning developer and one of the UK's best property companies is leading X1 Cheltenham Place. This company boasts several high-profile awards in quality, design and management, with a strong vision for raising the bar with each development. The developer is passionate about building quality homes, improving local communities, providing outstanding customer services, and delivering long-term management services. They have a history of delivering successful developments built to a high standard of design and quality while ensuring low running costs and environmental impact.

X1 Cheltenham Place's developer primarily focuses on the North West and has offices in Manchester and Liverpool. They are one of the region's most premium development companies, having launched 36 developments and sold more than 7,519 units. This global brand uses its extensive knowledge of the local area to bring recognisable and stunning buildings across the North. You will benefit from the developer's impressive expertise and unparalleled lettings service should you invest in X1 Cheltenham Place.

Why Choose Studio Apartments?

Studio apartments are usually self-contained, with all the living areas in a single room, while the bathroom will be separate. There are several benefits of studio apartments for tenants. Studios are attractive propositions for couples or people looking to live alone, especially if it is their first apartment. The open-floor format provides an airy living space that creates a cosy atmosphere and ensures anything you need is easily within reach. One of the most significant benefits of renting a studio apartment is that rent and utility bills are much cheaper. With less space, tenants require less furniture and can clean the apartment more quicker. Studios are usually found in city centres, making them the ideal choice for people seeking an affordable city-centre lifestyle.

For investors, the above benefits mean there is always demand for studio apartments, especially for students and young professionals who are more likely to want to live in a central location. City-centre living is more popular than ever, and with demand continuing to grow, so does the requirement for high-quality developments. It is cheaper to buy a studio apartment than a larger property, and they usually generate higher returns on investment. Studios cost less to maintain, and when it's time to welcome new tenants, it won't take weeks to prepare the apartment. Modern studio apartments are built with eco-friendly features that make them cheaper to run and help you comply with government standards.

With all these benefits in mind, why not invest in the studio apartments available at Manchester's X1 Cheltenham Place?

Why Choose Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA)?

Purpose-built student accommodation is a top-performing property asset class. Over the years, it has become a successful solution to the ever-rising demand for good quality accommodation sought by students going to university. Staying in the halls of residence isn't something many students get to do at all. For some, the university's accommodation is for first-year students only, and the shortage is intensified for those studying in their second and third years. Some know the PBSA market as the 'golden goose' of the residential investment sector. This is mainly because many students fund luxury accommodation from their student loans, and their parents give a greater budget to ensure a positive experience and residences for the year ahead. Also, students typically sign tenancy agreements for the academic year, providing investors with a more reliable source of rental income. Additionally, many lettings firms take parental guarantees and deposits, too. Add on the lack of supply in key UK cities like Manchester, where demand way outstrips supply - investors can secure high rental rates and deposit security, low property risk and minimal void periods.

The PBSA rooms are often self-contained studio apartments, with all the living areas in a single room and a separate private bathroom. Studio apartments have several benefits for students who may prefer to help control and influence the many variables that can otherwise impact their university experience, as well as the outcome of their studies and whether they choose to proceed. HMOs are subject to the personalities of other students you share with and can feel like a pressure cooker for some. A PBSA build offers personal and private space much larger than an HMO room so you can focus and rest when needed, they have communal and social areas, however, for when socialising is a desire. The rent In a PBSA includes all utility bills, provides wifi and access to gymnasiums and cinema rooms etc.

With all these benefits in mind, why not explore a studio apartment available at Manchester's X1 Cheltenham Place and speak to a consultant about available options?

Property Location

Cheltenham Street
Salford, M6

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Why Buy to Let Property in Manchester?

Are you considering investing in a buy-to-let property in Manchester? The city's prominence dates back to its status as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in the early 19th century. Then, many factors came together to propel it to become the pre-eminent city of its time. In the early 21st century, many parallels can be made in the city’s transition during the Industrial Revolution to the world’s leading industrial metropolis and now to a leading 21st-century economy.

Manchester is a city with many impressive statistics to its name. It was the world’s first industrialised city, home to the first public library and the birthplace of the first computer. It has the world’s oldest railway station and the oldest professional football league. It is also where scientists first split the atom and has been home to more than 25 Nobel Prize winners. We offer some of the very best investment properties in Manchester.

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55,000 | Job Creation

There will be 55,000 new jobs created in the city by 2025


£7.5bn | Growing Tourism

The tourism economy is worth £7.5billion and growing


£1bn | Salford Quays

£1billion is being invested in Salford Quays creating rental demand


140,000 | Population Growth

140,000 people currently work in the city centre

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